Songxianqiao Curio Art City

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Songxianqiao Curio Art City (Antique Market) is the largest antique market in western China and possesses great fascination for visitors.
Songxianqiao Curio Art City (Antique Market) is the largest antique market in western China and always has fascination for visitors, especially those interested in the Chinese culture and history.
The market, in western downtown, houses about 700 stores dealing in various items including ancient porcelain, painting and calligraphy works, coins and stamps, antique metalware and trinkets, jade, jewelry, old furniture, Sichuan embroidery, as well as objects of the “Cultural Revolution” period and so on.
Fairs, exhibitions, auctions and lectures are held regularly at the market and attract thousands of visitors from home and aboard.
The market is also a great place to make bargains for odds and ends. Many Chengdu locals and expats are keen on going there seeking special antiques. But you should always be on the alert for offers of the claimed “original or authentic” items, and ask for professional consulting before you make decisions.
“I’m so interested in old Chinese picture books, so I come here to pick up some,” says an American visitor named “Rainbow squirrel.”
Open Hours: 8:30-18:00
Location: #22, North Huanhua Road, Qingyang District
Traffic: BusNO.19, NO.58, NO.82, NO.309 (get off at Songxianqiao Stop)

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