Harbor of Chinese Antique Furniture

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Here we recommend you a great place to buy economically-priced second-hand furniture with different styles and types in the city.
The exploration in a large second-hand furniture market is a time-consuming but rewarding experience, and exerts a peculiar fascination on people with curiosity and keen interest in history and culture, and the wish to find a rarity or something especially to one's taste.
Our recommendation, Suiyue Gonghe Second-hand Vintage Furniture Store, part of Liangjia Honghua Second-hand Goods Market by the east section of the Third Ring Road, is such a location to satisfy the needs of antique furniture fans and local culture lovers.
The labyrinth-like store is a showcase of a vast number of pieces of old-fashioned furniture including wardrobes, flower stands, racks, shelves, chairs, stools, dressing tables, wooden decorations and so on. On display in the limited space, according to the owner of the store, is only a portion of the whole inventory.
The store is owned by Mr. Liu and his nephew, who operate the business because they have strong love for vintage and antique furniture. They have sources in the city and many other places in the province for the supply of the furniture, some of which are out of use or out of shape and need to be refurnished — washed, repaired, lacquered or supplemented with missing parts.
Clients of the store also include foreigners living in Chengdu. Diane Sonam, from Chengdu International School, is one of the frequent visitors of the store and recommends the place to us with praises. However, the owner, Mr. Liu said he often has problems in communication with his foreigner customers. We suggest you use a Translator App to help you conduct an efficient communication and a successful purchase at the store.
Add: Suiyue Gonghe Furniture Shop, Liangjia Honghua Second-hand Goods Market
The picture below shows the address of the store and may help you find it.

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