Shopping with Subway Accessibility

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The subway network provides a cool and convenient option for shopaholics in the city who can take a ride on Chengdu Metro lines to get to many of the shopping malls without worrying about the summer heat.
Chengdu Metro Line 1 (north-south)
Jinniu Wanda Plaza
Approached by: Renmin Rd. North Exit B1
jinniu wanda plaza
Located at the junction of 1st Ring Road and the North Renmin Road, Jinniu Wanda Plaza is a large-scale commercial complex encompassing the commercial, entertainment and recreation facilities including retailing, restaurants, cinemas and karaoke clubs, with a size three times that of Jinhua Wanda Plaza.
Energy Shopping Center
Approached by: Tianfu Square
Energy shopping center
Energy Shopping Center occupies a considerable section of the massive underground construction under the Tianfu Square. Besides the retailing business that includes a number of franchised outlets, Energy has made itself a gourmet paradise where people can have a large choice of famous snacks from all over China and foreign countries.
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Metro Line 3 Soon to Start Service

The SW-NE oriented Chengdu Metro Line 3 is expected to be put into operation within the year.

Jun 12, 2016

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Jun 17, 2016

Places for Viewing Lotus Flowers

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Jun 30, 2016

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