The Temple House ·2017 Christmastide Celebrations Series

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With the theme of sustainability, The Temple House launched its 2017 Christmastide Celebrations Series. Visitors can have a fun time and visual feast during the event.
The Temple House has prepared a series of seasonal celebrations and festive decorations, with 90% of the decorations made of recyclable materials.
The temple house
Highlights of the 2017 Christmastide Celebrations Series
A.The Temple House X Daci Monastery — Sustainable Christmas Tree
The 2017 Sustainable Christmas Tree was made by using 7000 recycled aluminum shells of used tea-light candles, collected from Daci Monastery in Chengdu Sino-Ocean TaikooLi.
the temple house
B. Three murals created by Chengdu-based young artists
The Temple House is in collaboration this year with Chengdu-based young artists to create three murals outside of MIXUN Spa, The Temple Café, and JING bar, as a creative way to introducing all seven Swire Hotels to the audiences. All murals are themed with holiday components, local elements, as well as The House Collective (The Opposite House, The Upper House, The Temple House and The Middle House) and EAST series (East Beijing, East Hong Kong, and East Miami). These murals are also the celebration of the soon opening of The Middle House in March, 2018.
Events during the 2017 Christmastide Celebrations Series
  • 12.16—Santa Bar Crawl — Jing Bar
  • 12.24—Christmas Eve Dinner & Festivities
  • 12.25—Christmas Day Celebrations
  • 12.31—New Year's Eve: Heaven & Hades

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