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Visitors to Chengdu have plenty of options for nighttime entertainment.
Visitors to Chengdu have plenty of options for nighttime entertainment. Some common options include visiting a KTV, or Karaoke place, where guests can sing their hearts out in a private room. Bars across Chengdu have a variety of themes and are a popular spot to hit at night.
Nightclubs, which I define as clubs with dancefloors, are becoming more and more popular in Chengdu, almost dominating the nightlife entertainment. In these nightclubs, guests can listen to a variety of music genres while sampling alcoholic beverages. Chengdu's nightclubs are distributed fairly conveniently for nightclub-goers. In this article, I'll discuss some of Chengdu's most popular nightclubs.
First and foremost, it is important to understand the distribution of nightclubs in Chengdu. Chengdu's most popular nightclubs are divided among two bar districts: Lan Kwai Fong and 339. These two districts have several nightclubs within them. They are located a short distance from each other, so many patrons will visit both districts in one night.
The 339 area can be seen from afar by looking for the Sichuan TV Tower. 339 earned its name because the TV tower stands at 339 meters tall. This district is especially popular among the students of our program because of the many food trucks that can be found directly outside the clubs as one walks towards the line of taxis. Before embarking on our tired journey home, many of us will stop by one of the food trucks to pick up a snack. (Our favorite is the fried pancake filled with meat and veggies from the Bei Wei 48 Xiao Chi Zhen Hao food truck).
Some of the clubs in 339 are:
Space has one of the biggest dancefloors I've seen in Chengdu. It's a flashy dance club with DJs exclusively playing EDM.
It is well-lit and alternates between cool colors and warm colors that flash and radiate throughout the club. Space also has an upstairs area that is reserved for booths and tables. If you're planning on being out late, make Space your last stop of the night! This club is open past 5 in the morning.
Space has a massive screen behind the DJ's booth that extends to the ceiling and projects vivid imagery throughout the night. Due to its smoothly-flowing music and the trance-inducing images on the screen, it's easy to spend hours in this club without noticing how much time has passed.
Note: Foreign patrons must show a picture of their passport before entering the club.
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Propaganda has cheap drinks and drink specials on the weekends. DJs will typically play Latin music, Hip Hop, and the occasional Reggae songs. Tables will litter the dancefloor, but there is a small stage and lifted areas that can be climbed to have a better view. This club has a red-tinted lighting system that merges with the DJ's choice of music to set a funky mood. Patrons can also find hookah here.
Lan Kwai Fong 兰桂坊
Lan Kwai Fong is popular for its many divebars, some of which have a space in front of the DJ's booth that serves as a spontaneous dancefloor created by patrons when the clubs get full enough. This district is based off the Lan Kwai Fong bar and dining area in Hong Kong.
Some of the most popular clubs in Lan Kwai Fong include:
Jellyfish has plentiful seating, consisting of high chairs and booths. Some of these tables need to be reserved ahead of time since the club gets full pretty quickly on weekends. Music at Jellyfish usually depends on the DJ that is working that night, so patrons may listen to either Hip Hop or EDM. The dancefloor is pretty small when compared to other clubs, so when it gets crowded it is difficult to find an area to dance in. The lights range between cool blues to bright purples.
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Patrons can purchase hookah at this club. It is usually lit with red lights and has mid-range drinks. On weekdays, when there are fewer patrons, it serves as a dive bar, but on weekends a mini dancefloor is created between the tables and the DJ's booth. For those wanting to take a break from dancing, a billiards table can be found in the outside area of the bar. The music is usually a combination of Hip-hop, Latin music, and Mainstream Pop. On Saturday, ladies get free drinks.
Revolucion Cocktail革命酒吧
This club is located towards the back of Lan Kwai Fong but is definitely worth a visit! It mostly features Latin music, Pop, and Hip-hop. The ambiance in this club is heavily influenced by its focus on Latin music and Reggaetón. On weekdays you can even find guests dancing to Salsa and Bachata. It is brightly lit with a red tint and has an upstairs where patrons can sit and enjoy drinks. During the weekends the dancefloor is usually very full, so it is recommended to arrive early. When there is a crowd, the doors and windows of this club are opened to allow patrons to take cover inside the club but easily access the outside portion. The outside portion has additional tables. If you enjoy your visit to Revolucion, you'll also be able to find it in other major cities in China.
And an honorable mention:
Playhouse is a little far from the other bar districts, so patrons will usually spend most of the night in this club. Its location far from the other bar districts makes it feel like an escape from the routine clubs we visit in Lan Kwai Fong and 339. This club is very similar to Space, with the only distinction being that the mixes include snippets of Hip Hop and Pop. A huge screen behind the DJ projects images of cartoon characters that set a fun, relaxed mood for the night. Confetti is sometimes thrown in the air by bartenders that lands on patrons in the dancefloor.

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