Music Party in CAGO Club

Authors: Go Chengdu


A city of leisure and entertainment, Chengdu has wide choices at night, especially the numerous bars and night clubs.
If you love electronic music, you must be familiar with the popular Jump & Sweat and Garmiani.
DJ Garmiani from the Switzerland brought his unique electronic music to Chengdu last Thursday at the CAGO Club, igniting the passion of countless e-music fans.
On June 22, co-operated with CAGO club to provide an opportunity for its members from different countries, such as France and the Netherlands, to feel the heat of the music of DJ Garmiani at one of the most popular clubs in Chengdu.
"I love the bars and clubs in Chengdu," said Lars from the Netherlands, who often visited CAGO with his friends, "Compared with the ones in my country, the bars in Chengdu are larger and more lively."

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