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Places recommended for drinking beer at night in Chengdu.
Beer plays an important role in the night life of Chengdu people. Every year from May to October, hundreds of different-scale beer festivals are held in different places in the city. During the beer carnivals, passionate people from across the world gather and spend exciting nights together. The annual Munich Oktoberfest organized by Paulaner Brauhaus, is one of the eyes-catchers which attracts thousands of participants. The 12th Munich Oktoberfest will be held from September 11 to 19 this year in the city. And the Dujiangyan International Beer Festival 2015 kicked off on June 19 at the Dujiangyan Nanqiao Plaza and will last till Sept. 15.

A waterfront beer garden within the vicinity of Anshun Bridge over the Jinjiang River

Places recommended for drinking beer at night in Chengdu:
Shua Du Beer Square
As one of the most hilarious and crowded places at night in Chengdu, the Shua Du Beer Square is always packed with beer drinkers, who can stay there all night.
Address: Snowflake Beer Square, 19 Wuhouci Street, Wuhou District

Yulin Life Square
This is a huge outdoor square and one of the best places for beer drinkers in the downtown.
Address: 15 South Yulin Road, Wuhou District

Luoma Holiday Plaza
A popular beer festival is held here every year. During the event, various shows and performances are also staged at night.
Address: 6 East Gaoshengqiao Road, Wuhou District

Qiao Yiqiao Beer Square
With delicious street food, this place is highly favored by Chengdu locals.
Address: Section 1 Jiefang Road, Jingniu District

Dujiangyan Night Beer Promenade
With beautiful surroundings, the place located on both sides of the Nan Qiao Bridge, Dujiangyan City, always attract lots of urbanites from the city center of Chengdu to drink and eat here on summer nights.
Address: Nan Qiao Bridge, Dujiangyan City

Kempinski Hotel Chengdu

Kempinski is known for its favorite location, world-class service and authentic German beer and food.

Oct 21, 2014

Dujiangyan International Beer Festival 2015

The Dujiangyan International Beer Festival 2015 kicked off on June 19 at Dujiangyan Nanqiao Plaza, bursting forth cheers of thousands of beer fans coming to enjoy beer and delicious food.

Jun 27, 2015

Grapes Picking Festival

The 3rd Wufeng Red Grapes Picking Festival & Beer and Music Festival opened July 24 at the Wufengxi Tourism Zone, a national 4A-grade scenic spot in Jintang County in northeastern Chengdu.

Jul 31, 2015

Popular Craft Beer Bars in Chengdu

There are many pubs and bars in central Chengdu which are very popular with beer fans.

Aug 07, 2015

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