Winter Outdoor Activities in Chengdu

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See what we do in winter? Plenty of choices: the skiing resorts, the hot springs..., and of course the Hotpot.
Skiing in China is becoming increasingly popular. In winter, the Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is a reasonable choice for many due to its location. The Ski Resort, in Dayi County in western Chengdu, is the largest and best-equipped alpine ski resort in southern China.
Thanks to the convenient highway system, it only takes about 2 hours from the downtown Chengdu to the resort. The resort has 7 international-standard trails and people can take part in a lot of entertainment programs such as annual Xiling Snow Mountain Snow and Ice Festival.
The Festival is regarded as a skiing carnival and will last till late March every year. More than 20 kinds of featured snow sports will be offered to visitors. This year, 20th Xiling Snow Mountain Snow and Ice Festival started on Dec. 16, 2019 and will last till March 1, 2020. Tourists can appreciate beautiful snowscape, play snowballs, go skiing and watch the Asian Race and the Final of the Global Chinese Snowsports Amateurs Race to be held on December 24, 2019 and March 2020, respectively.
Snow Season: Mid December to March.
Location: At Xiling Snow Mountain, 120 kilometers from downtown Chengdu (A shuttle bus runs between the Wide & Narrow Alleys in downtown Chengdu and Xiling Snow Moutain Scenic Spot daily during the Festival.)
Links: Travel Guide to Xiling Snow Mountains—Alps at 30 degrees north latitude ( )
Mt. Emei
Mt. Emei is one of China's four Sacred Buddhist mountains. It is located at the latitude of 30°N, in the transitional area from the southwestern margin of Sichuan Basin to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, about 160km from Chengdu.
Mineral rich hot springs at Mt. Emei are Hongzhu Hotspring Clubhouse, Lingxiu Hot Niton-spring and Yoga Hot Spring.
Lingxiu Hot Niton-spring
One of the biggest niton spas in China, Lingxiu Hot Spring Happiness Valley has its water source from the hot niton-springs hidden deep underground. Hot niton-spring is rare in the world, and the content of niton per cubic meter at Lingxiu Hot Spring is 191.66-321.53BP, making it a high quality water source.
Yoga Hot Spring of Mt. Emei Hotel
The water source of the Yoga hot spring is from the Qingyin Pavilion at the foot of Mt. Emei. The well is 1, 652 meters in depth and the water temperature at the outlet is 49℃. Indoor and outdoor spas are available at Mt. Emei Hotel.
Hot Springs in Hailuogou are hidden in virgin forests. It is a special experience that one can enjoy the snow falling down from the sky while bathing in the hot spring pool. The most noted ones are at No.1 and No. 2 campsites.
About 330 km from Chengdu, Hailuogou Valley is located in Luding County in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan.
In No.2 Campsite, hot springs gush out from rock cracks all year round, with a daily flow of 8,900 tons. Water temperature at the mouth can reach as high as 90 °C. The hot springs gush into a small pond, from where they drop down along a cliff to form a waterfall of eight meters wide and 10 meters tall. The spring water is believed to be effective in curing diabetes, neuralgia, arthritis and gastroenteritis. Nearby, a swimming pool has been built in the open air.
One of the pleasurables for Chengdu people is to have Hot Pot at home or at the restaurant in the cold winter, and the city has so many Hot Pot restaurants providing various choices, including the spicy soup, tonic soup, fish head soup and so on.
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