Every City Has Its Comfort Food

Authors: Go Chengdu


Food can always satisfy the sense of taste and the stomach, fuel our body and in some way bring courage and hope to face various challenges in life.
Garfield once said: I'm just your average, ordinary cat... For instance, I'm crazy about nature's most perfect food...LASAGNA!
It is well-known that Garfield is a lazy, fat and proud cat, and disdains Mondays, exercise and diet. However, most people are thrilled with this comic character. Published since 1978, Garfield has chronicles of the life of the title character and this cute cartoon image always appears in movies. Perhaps this spoiled cat indirectly reflects our love and enthusiasm for food.
Food can always satisfy the sense of taste and the stomach, fuel our body and in some way bring courage and hope to face various challenges in life. As a saying goes: if there is something can't be solved by one___, then use two.
You can fill in the blanks with any food that can comfort your stomach and soul. It can be the chocolate that you will never know what you goanna get in Forest Gump; it can be the coffee that makes the main characters meet in Notting Hill; it can also be the ice-cream that represents romantic love in Rome Holiday......
And maybe you wanna know what kind of food Chengdu people comfort themselves during the cold winter.
There are countless Hotpot restaurants in Chengdu and having a taste of Chengdu Hotpot is almost a must to visitors. As the saying goes, "if you haven't had hotpot in Sichuan, you haven't really been to Sichuan." With everyone's favorite meat or vegetables boiled in the delicious, usually spicy soup, one can always have a taste of the local leisure life.
Mutton Soup
Every winter, the city stages the annual ritual of eating mutton dishes and drinking mutton soup, which involves almost everyone. There is a popular belief of local people that drinking a bowl of mutton soup in the season would give the best tonic benefits to the human body.
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