How to Make Fried Rice Balls

Authors: Go Chengdu


The Fried Rice Balls is chewy, sweet and nutritious, popular among people in Chengdu.
The famous traditional Sichuan snack is fried rice balls skewered on a bamboo stick inserted. It is usually sold at about RMB3 (4 or 5 balls).
It is chewy, sweet and nutritious, popular among locals and tourists alike.
To make Fried Rice Balls, you need:
glutinous rice flour, 200g;
rice flour, 20g;
brown sugar, 60g;
white sugar, 60g;
white sesame;
The process:
1. Mix the flour with white sugar, knead the dough and make it into round balls the size of a ping-pong (table tennis);
2. Have the white sesame fried;
3. Pour oil into the wok with brown sugar; when the temperature is about 80℃, fry the balls;
4. Remove the fried balls when they become golden brown, cool them off and then skewer them with a bamboo stick;
5. Sprinkle the fried sesame on the rice balls.
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