How to Make Baked Egg Pancakes

Authors: Go Chengdu


Legend has it that the first shop selling the Baked Egg Pancakes (蛋烘糕, Dan Hong Gao in Chinese) appeared about 150 years ago in Wenmiao Street (near the present Shishi Middle School).
It is said that the creator of the Baked Egg Pancakes was inspired by a children's game called Family Feast and he made this famous snack using eggs, fermented flour and brown sugar. Nowadays, the Baked Egg Pancakes are sold at many restaurants, and there are numerous stands in streets and alleys selling the snack.
Making the snack is not a very complicated job. Try to make a baked egg pancake by yourself after you read this recipe:
What you need:
Flour, 150g
Two eggs
Brown sugar, 15g
White sugar, 25g
Dry yeast, 2g
Baking soda,1g
Water, salt, oil
The process:
1. put brown sugar and white sugar into hot water, stir until the sugar dissolves, cool the water;
2. stir the flour with yeast and eggs, add the sugar water and make it into paste;
3. stir the paste and ferment it for 1 and half hours;
4. dissolve soda and salt in water, pour water into the paste and stir;
5. brush the pan with oil and then slowly pour the paste into the pan;
6. put a cover on the pan and bake the batter over a low flame;
7. finally, put your favorite stuffing in the baked pancake and then fold it.
Now you can enjoy the DIY snack!
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