Soup Pot Restaurants Just for You

Authors: Go Chengdu


Nothing is better than a slug of warm soup in cold days!
You feel an emptiness in your stomach when the thermometer goes down?
If so, find some restaurants where you can have a draught of hot soup, while cooking vegetables and meat in soup
and having a chat with your friends.

1. Dazuibawang Ribs

The restaurant named after its signiture special-Dazuibawang ribs: pork ribs cooked in many various ways popular for the savory and rich taste.
Average Cost: RMB 70/person
The brand has numerous branches in Chengdu and we recommend the locations in:
2nd floor of Guoji Building, No. 34 Jinxiu Road, Wuhou District
No. 6 Shuangyuan Street, Wuhou District

2. Food Code

Food Code provides various kinds of soup cooked with fresh ingredients, along with a variety of snacks.
And it's open around the clock: what can be better than a bowl of warm soup for a hungry night owl!
Average Cost: RMB 90/person
Add: No. 453, Shaoling Road, Wuhou District

3. ZhuZhuFu (Japanese Style Hot-pot )

This restaurant serves healthy Japanese style Shabu Hot-pot in a fresh and relaxing environment,
where high-standard of service and quality of product are the attraction.
The homemade sauces and exquisite snacks are also well liked by the customers.
Average Cost: RMB 90/person
Add: 8th Floor of Isetan Building, No.8 Kejia Alley, Jinjiang District

4. Mishang (Macao Doulao)

A hot-pot restaurant featuring Macao styles, serving small pots and special sauces.
Vegetables, meat, shrimps, and many other foods are all served in delicate vessels.
The signature dish of shrimp balls is a must-try.
After placing these balls into the boiling soup, as soon as they rise to the surface, it's time to eat with dipping sauce.
Average Cost: Over RMB 100/person
This brand also has a lot of outlets in Chengdu. Just name a few of them:
4th Floor of Zongbei International Building, No. 34 Jinxiu Road, Wuhou District
B2, Raffles City, No.3 the fourth section of Renmin South Road, Wuhou District
4th, Wangfujing Store Building, No.9 Kehuazhong Road, Wuhou District

5. Wulin Shanzhen

If you want to try fungus soup in Chengdu, this old-time hot-pot restaurant with a wide selection of fresh fungi and mushrooms will never disappoint you.
And among the many branches of this brand in Chengdu, the one in Zhixin North Street and Shangdong Street is always noted for the most authentic taste.
Average Cost: RMB 90/person
Add: No.1 of 15, Zhixin North Street, Wuhou District
No. 318 JIncuizhong Street, Chenghua District

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