Top 10 Most Eaten Vegetables in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Celtuce tops the list of the most consumed vegetables in Chengdu, followed by the Chinese cabbage, potato, cabbage and white radish, as indicated in the data from Chengdu Central Wholesale Market of Farm Produces, which provide clues to what you might encounter on the dinner table in ordinary households in the city.
5. Radish (萝卜)
Radish, usually with white or red skin, with the one of white skin more preferable, makes itself a very important entry into the daily menu of common people, and also the major role in making pickles, which are the welcome largess dish ― as radish is an easy-to-get and low-cost stuff ― in most local restaurants for customers, who relish the crispiness, fresh flavor of the vegetable.
Dishes with radish vary greatly in taste because of the ingenious ways of cooking, and popular dishes include Cold Dish of Radish Slices (凉拌萝卜丝), Braised Beef with Radish (萝卜炖牛肉), Stew of Duck and Pickled Radish (酸萝卜老鸭汤) and Dried Spicy Radish (萝卜干).
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