How to Make Zongzi

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Zongzi is the most popular food during the Dragon Boat Festival, which is celebrated annually on the 5th day of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar which falls on June 7 this year.
Zongzi differs in shape and taste from one place to another across China. There are mainly two tastes: sweet and savory. Nowadays people even make Zongzi with mixed sweet and savory fillings.
Want to make Zongzi yourself? Follow these easy steps:
Step 1: Prepare the glutinous rice and fillings. Soak the rice and bamboo/reed leaves in cold water overnight.

Step 2: Boil the bamboo/reed leaves, and let it cool down and pat dry.
Step 3: Fold two bamboo/reed leaves into a funnel, make sure to leave the open side long enough to cover the top completely, and to keep the bottom tight.
Step 4: Scoop the rice and fillings into the funnel.

Step 5: Fold the open side down to cover the top of the funnel, and lower the two edges and roll the longer leaves left outside along the funnel. Then wrap it with twines.
Step 6: Boil or steam the Zongzi for about 2 hours.

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