Jiudouwan: Festive Foodie Feast in the Countryside

Authors: Go Chengdu


Jiudouwan is a traditional banquet that is very popular in the rural areas of Sichuan, held on important social occasions such as festivals, wedding ceremonies and even funerals.
The term Jiudouwan literally means Nine Big Bowls (nine is considered as an auspicious number in Chinese culture) and the banquet usually consists of nine traditional dishes of meat, though the whole servings may be greatly varied to include most of the local delicacies, seasonal vegetables and even introduced dishes from other regions.
Jiudouwan of today even offers appetizer soup as the starter and fruit salad as the dessert to catch up the trend for healthy and balanced diet but, nonetheless, Steamed Crispy Pork and Steamed Pork with Rice Flour are signature dishes and enjoy popularity.
Jiudouwan is part of folk culture in the countryside of Sichuan. Functionally, it serves to be a social platform to strengthen the family unity, kinship and the relationship of neighbors. After the firing of firecrackers, the joyous feast kicks off amid the noisy greetings and toast proposes. Most often, a pig would be slaughtered beforehand, and all parts of the animal including ears and tails would be cooked and consumed at the feast. Fish, chicken, duck, eggs and so on are usually served.
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