Jinli Snack Street: Paradise for Foodies

Authors: Go Chengdu


Jinli Street with many snack stands is the paradise for the foodies seeking delicacies in Chengdu, the City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.
It must be a pity for a foodie who comes to Chengdu without visiting Jinli Street, home of snacks, and the travel guide below is for the foodies to find delicacies in the street.
Jinli Street Wuhou District, next to the famous Wuhouci Shrine Museum, boasts a cluster of constructions remolded after the traditional architectural styles in western Sichuan, and features narrow alleys, stone bridges, pavilions, courtyards and various waterside scenes. Go into the street through the main entrance on the Wuhouci Street, and walk about 100 meters, you will find a fork road with one road leading to tourist sites on the right and the other leading to the snack street.
The snack street is always bustling with people waiting on line to buy snacks. These snacks with perfect combinations of color, aroma and taste will make your mouth watering. The followings are the names of the snack stands and recommended delicacies.
Delicacies: Rice in Chicken Wings, Goubuli Stuffed Buns, Fried Tofu
Average Price: RMB10-15/person
Recommendation: barbecued chicken wings, delicious and nutritious.
Waipo Mifen (Granny's Rice Noodles)
Delicacies: Sour and Spicy Rice Noodles, Fried Silkworm Chrysalis, Corn Buns, Fried Jelly, Glutinous Rice Cakes with Brown Sugar, Grapefruit Tea, Fruit Puff Pastry
Average Price: RMB5-15/person
Recommendation: The sour and spicy rice noodles is appetizing with delicious flavors. The silkworm chrysalis is a kind of nutritional supplement.
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