Local Classics for Breakfast When You Are in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


People in Chengdu have lots of choices for their breakfast, from which you can choose to start a good day.
Long Chao Shou (Long's Wonton)
Long Chao Shou is a typical snack with thin flour skins and tender minced pork. It was titled as a "China Time-honored Brand" by the Ministry of Commerce in 1995.
Han's Baozi (Han's Steam Stuffed Buns)
Han's Baozi has a history of over 80 years, and is loved by locals for its savory taste and soft, fluffy skin.
Lai Tang Yuan (Sweet Rice Balls)
One of the most popular local snacks, Lai Tang Yuan features a large variety of flavors including sugar, roses, walnuts, sesames and so on.
Zhong Dumplings
The crescent-shaped dumplings are stuffed with pork and served with soybean and spicy sauce.

【Video】IFICH to be Staged in Chengdu

Cultural Feast—The 6th International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage!

Jun 08, 2017

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May 27, 2017

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