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Chengdu locals show a special passion for hotpot, which is part of the happiness and satisfaction in Chengdu living.
Timing of cooking
Time Food
Things you needn't cook fired pork, pork luncheon meat, tomato, cucumber and so on (you can also cook them in the pot if you feel like it)
1-3 mins Chinese radish, tofu, lotus root, bean sprout and some other vegetables; ox tripe, duck intestines and pig aorta
4-6 mins kelp, celtuce, wax gourd, mushrooms and so on
About 8 mins
various sliced meat and meatballs, duck's blood, seafood and so on
Suggestions: you don't really have to bother with all the timing since different hotpot shops may serve the ingredients with different sizes. Just watch your neighbors at the restaurant and see what they do.
Remember to dip the cooked food in the sauce and because it is too hot just out of the pot.
Don't try to drink the hotpot soup, especially that from the spicy pot.
Try some local snacks and drinks while enjoying the hotpot, such as the glutinous rice cakes, soybean milk and so on.
Yogurt, honey water or chrysanthemum tea can help subdue the heat and strong taste of the hotpot.
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