Flavors of Chengdu Snacks

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Sour, sweet, bitter, salty and a little spicy, you can find almost every flavor in Chengdu.
Fried Rice Balls
The famous traditional Sichuan snack is fried rice balls skewered on a bamboo stick. It is usually sold at about RMB4 (4 or 5 balls). It is chewy, sweet and nutritious, popular among locals and tourists alike.
Baked Egg Pancakes
It is said that the creator of the Baked Egg Pancakes was inspired by a children's game called Family Feast, and he made this famous snack using eggs, fermented flour and brown sugar.
The pancake, stuffed with salty or sweet fillings, is fried in a pan. The crust is crispy and the inside is soft. The Baked Egg Pancakes are sold at many restaurants, and there are numerous stands in streets and alleys selling the snack.
Lai Tang Yuan
Tang Yuan, literally meaning "round balls in soup", is a traditional Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour and sweet fillings which are mixed with sugar, lard, walnuts, black sesames, osmanthus flowers and rose petals, or red bean, peanut or jujube pastes.
Lai Tang Yuan features a variety of fillings, different shapes (round, pointed, oval, pillow-shaped) and special flavor. A little bite pushes the stuffing out and the skin is chewy without sticking to the teeth.
Chengdu Crusty Pancakes (Jun Tun Guo Kui)
Jun Tun Guo Kui is made of flour dough with minced meat kneaded into it. The finished Jun Tun Guo Kui is of a golden color. Minced beef, pork or Spicy Bean Jelly are usually stuffed into it, too.
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