Favorite Foods in Winter

Authors: Go Chengdu


Hotpot, mutton soup, and other local choices to satisfy your appetite and keep warm in winter!
Cold winter has come and your cravings for the food to keep warm grow as the temperature goes down. Find your favorites among the recommendations and have nice days in winter!
Various ingredients can be put into the hotpot, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, soybean products. Hotpot is a symbol of the happy and satisfying Chengdu life.
Mutton Soup
Mutton soup is steadily gaining popularity in Chengdu as winter deepens, and every Winter Solstice the city stages the annual ritual of eating mutton dishes and drinking mutton soup. The most famous and popular mutton soup is from Jianyang City in southeastern Chengdu, noted for the milk-white soup and tender meat.
Tomato Hotpot
Loved for its sour and savory taste, and the nourishing ingredients such as vegetables and tender beef tenderloin, even among the spicy-toothed locals.
Pig-Knuckle Soup
You find the long-stewed trotters, easy to separate meat from bones, in the milky and tasty soup. Dip the separated meat in the sauce, bite it and you'll have forget the bleak weather in winter.
Duck in Pickles Soup
The pickled radish will add wonderful flavors to the duck meat in the boiling soup. The recipe is very simple, and you can make a delicious one at home all by yourself.
Steamed Chicken Soup in Pot
Tender meat and tasty soup. The food represents the arguably the best way to extract the flavor essences from chicken. Add some veggie ingredients, such as soybean sprouts, and you get the best of the food.

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