Experience Hotpot Culture with GoChengdu in 2018

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Hotpot is a kind of popular food in the city, especially in wintertime.
During the ongoing 2017 City of Gastronomy-Chengdu Hotpot Culture Month,
hundreds of restaurants of hot pot across the city are offering discounts to consumers,
and various hot pot-themed activities are waiting for you!
A highly anticipated month-long hot pot exploring event held by www.gochengdu.cn
is providing chances for foreigners in Chengdu to enjoy the different flavors in the city.
▼▼▼Huangcheng Laoma, a traditional Chengdu hotpot restaurant▼▼▼
▼▼▼1810 Sauerkraut Hotpot▼▼▼
▼▼▼Elephant Garden Thai-style Seafood, a kind of hotpot with authentic Thai flavor▼▼▼
▼▼▼Hotpot and scenery views in Dujiangyan City▼▼▼
On January 5 (Friday),
let's have a taste of the hotpot in Yushangong (御膳宫),
which is famous for its rich food materials and nourishing soup.
How to Sign up
Follow WeChat account "GoChengdu够成都" and forward the message to your Moments,
and then send the screenshot and the message
with "Your Name + Your Nationality + Your Phone Number" to the WeChat account.
If you win the chance, our staff will contact you quickly!

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