Chengdu Delicacy Makes a Splash in Prague

Authors: Go Chengdu


On October 18 (local time), the 2018 Europe-Chengdu Food Culture Festival (Czech) kicked off in Prague.
Baked egg pancakes, Zhong's Dumplings, Mapo Tofu, Lai Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls in soup), hotpot and other traditional Chengdu delicacies were showcased at the Chengdu gourmet feast. It is the first time for the event to be held in Europe, following its two editions in San Francisco in 2016 and 2017 respectively.
During the festival, representatives from the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce and Czech-Chinese Economic Trading and Culture Promotion Agency came into framework agreements on cooperation in industrial investment, commerce and trade, food and culture as well as tourism services, etc. Both sides are committed to facilitating mutual exchange, collaboration and development in trade, gastronomy and travel, etc.
Alongside the snacks, Chengdu's local specialties including the Pixian Douban (chili broadbean paste), Sichuan Cuisine ingredients and hotpot seasoning, as well as the art of Sichuan Gaiwan Tea making were real eye openers for the Czech people.

Local Snacks at Food Boutique Shops

Here are the restaurants where typical local dishes and snacks are offered in Chengdu. Wish you a fun-filled gastronomic experience in the city.

Sep 10, 2018

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