Japanese Foodies Have a Taste of Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


A group of spicy food enthusiasts from Japan arrived in Chengdu and took delight in authentic Sichuan cuisine.
A group of Japanese tourists, all foodies of Sichuan cuisine, flew to Chengdu on March 17 and set off on a gourmet journey. Obviously well-informed connoisseurs of Sichuan food, they chose to dine at some of the well-known small eateries in the city.
Now have a look at the restaurants they visited during their one-day experience!

Xie Stuffed Bun

Add: #36 with 9, Shuinianhe Road

Old Chengdu No.7 Noodle Restaurant

Add: #68, Dianjiangtai Street, Jinjiang District
Qin Shan Zhai Health Estates
Add: #247 Wuhouci Avenue, Wuhou District

Yongji Glutinous Rice Ball & Noodles

Add: #13, Wuhouci East Street, Wuhou District

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96th China Food and Drinks Fair

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