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Shift your focus from luxury hotels and restaurants to street corners and you may have surprise finds for an epicurean experience.
Zhi Shang Yu Bai Bai纸上鱼摆摆
Grilled fish dish is one of the most popular dishes in Chengdu. It's different from traditional western grilled fish because, here in Chengdu, they add spices including garlic and fresh vegetables, such as pickled cabbage. The garlic flavor of the fish has attracted many visitors. When you finish the fish, you can add vegetables to the sauce–it's delicious.
Recommended dishes: grilled fish with garlic sauce, sweet and sour pork ribs, yaqian meat, ginger flavored fish
Price level: RMB67/person
Address: Xiang Xiang Alley
Tel: +86 18180842210
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