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Authors: Go Chengdu


Shift your focus from luxury hotels and restaurants to street corners and you may have surprise finds for an epicurean experience.
Chu Shi Feng Le厨师疯了
This restaurant is a traditional Sichuan Cuisine restaurant with a unique atmosphere and provides pungent and spicy food. When the special dish, La Xiao Wan, comes out, seeing it will enhance your appetite. Just the smell of the food will make customers excited for the meal. One of their signature dishes is the fish balls. They have perfected this dish – it's a true Sichuan delicacy!
Recommended dishes: La Xiao Wan, fish balls, spicy chicken, and fried dumplings
Price level: RMB57/person
Address: No. 29-1 Kuixinglou Street
Tel: +86 028 61671021
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