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Shift your focus from luxury hotels and restaurants to street corners and you may have surprise finds for an epicurean experience.
Some places to go in Chengdu are People's Park for tea, Du Fu Thatched Cottage for poetry, and Jiuyanqiao to drink. Where should the food lovers go? Go go Kakaguoguo (Chengdu dialect: every corner)!
Chengdu people love to go to the following streets because there are countless local delicacies hidden in these places.
Kuixinglou Street
Kuixinglou Street is in Chengdu's Qingyang District and not far from the famous Kuan Zhai Alleys (Wide & Narrow Alleys). Now a flourishing gourmet complex, its popularity has not been out-done by Kuan Zhai Alleys.
Mao Jiao Huo La 冒椒火辣
Every food lover in Chengdu must know about Mao Jiao Huo La's Chuanchuan. The restaurant opens every day at 3pm, and by 4pm there is already a huge line. One of the popular dishes is the quail eggs. After finishing the quail eggs, you can use the leftover sauce to dip your chuanchuan in to give it more flavor. If you like spicy food, this meal will taste like heaven.
Recommended dishes: quail eggs, tuyao, zhunao, cow stomach
Price level: RMB55/person
Address: No. 33 Kuixinglou Street
Tel: +86 18080468496
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