Food Festival in Chengdu Offers Treat to Fans of Huaiyang Cuisine

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A Huaiyang Food Festival is held Sept. 8-Sept. 16 at Chengdu Marriott Hotel Financial Centre.
Huaiyang Cuisine
Yangzhou is the birthplace of Huaiyang cuisine, one of China's four major cooking styles, that is famous for its light, fresh taste and exquisite knife work.
The Huaiyang Food Festival at the Man Ho Chinese Restaurant of Chengdu Marriott Hotel Financial Centre lets you enjoy a Yangzhou feast in Chengdu.
Huaiyang Cuisine
During the festival, celebrity chefs from the The Westin Nanjing will offer diners authentic dishes made of seasonal ingredients at the hotel's Man Ho Chinese Restaurant. Special attractions are to include traditional Huaiyang dishes, Wensi Tofu (braised shredded chicken with ham and dried tofu), Shizitou (or the Lion's Head) and Squirrel Fish (sweet and sour mandarin fish).

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