Celebrate Lantern Festival by Eating Tang Yuan

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Traditionally eaten during the Lantern Festival, Tang Yuan is available year round, and you can find it at many local restaurants. Some famous brands offer uniquely savory Tang Yuan in Chengdu.
The 15-day Chinese New Year celebration ends with the Lantern Festival, this Friday. As part of the festivities,Chinese people always eat Tang Yuan, stuffed with various fillings or plain and served in sweet soup that symbolizes family togetherness.
And you can find also have Tang Yuan at many of the local restaurants.
Traditional Tang Yuan are a famous snack enjoyed in many parts of China, with soft rice flour exteriors and sweet fillings usually made from sesame, brown sugar or other goodies. However, new types of Tang Yuan have emerged and gained popularity with their novice fillings to offer new gustatory experience to people.
Time-honored Food Brand in China
Lai Tang Yuan
The best known Tang Yuan restaurant in Chengdu with a history of more than a hundred years. Lai Tang Yuan features its large variety of fillings, different shapes (round, pointed, oval, pillow-shaped) and special flavors. Lai Tang Yuan Restaurant was recognized by the Ministry of Commerce of China as a "Time-honored Food Brand in China" in 2006.
The flagship of Lai Tang Yuan Restaurant, at #27 Zongfu Road, Jinjiang District
Dai Tang Yuan (Mixed Flavor Rice Balls)
Dai Tang Yuan restaurant is famous for its hand-made Tang Yuan and affordable price of RMB7 for each bowl of eight. The fillings are made from sesame, brown sugar and red bean paste.
Address: #5 North Qinghua 1st Road., Qingyang District
Lin's Zhazha Noodle Restaurant (Jiang Tang Yuan)
Different from other Tang Yuan, Jiang Tang Yuan is chewy sticky rice balls covered in melted brown sugar and roasted soybean powder.
Address: #62 West Street, Dujiangyan City
Yong Ji Rice Balls Noodles Restaurant (Five Flavor Tang Yuan)
Only five minutes' walk from the Wuhou Shrine Museum, the restaurant offers special Tang Yuan with the fillings of sesame, peanut, white sugar, black sugar and brown sugar. The restaurant accepts cash only.
Address: #13, East Street of Wuhou Shrine, Wuhou District
Zhuazhuacan Restaurant (Mahjong-shaped Tang Yuan)
Can you imagine the Tang Yuan balls that look like Mahjong tiles? Mahjong tile-shaped Tang Yuan made by Chengduers well reflects local people's sense of humor and wit. The Zhuazhuacan Restaurant is such a restaurant offering Tang Yuan in the shape of Mahjong tiles.
Note: The restaurant opens only during dinner time.
Address: #27, 2nd Building, 1st Section of South 1st Ring Road, Wuhou District
Pinpin Tofu Jelly Restaurant (Meat-stuffed Tang Yuan)
The Tang Yuan sold at the restaurant is so different as it is filled with savory meat mixture.
Address: #24-20, Fanghua Street, Wuhou District
Chi Tangtang Restaurant
The restaurant offers Tang Yuan with diverse choices of stuffing, such as rose jam sauce, meat-stuffed, Tang Yuan in rice wine soup, black sugar-stuffed Tang Yuan in bean soup and so on.
Address: 1st F, #28 Dongsheng Street, Jinjiang District
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