Chengdu’s Appeal to Foreign Tourists

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu was selected as one of the top10 China's Most Charming Cities by Foreign Tourists.
According to a research report on foreign tourists' perceptions of and attitudes toward cities in China, jointly issued by Google and Ipsos, Chengdu was selected as one of China's top 10 most charming cities by overseas tourists and their No.2 choice for the city's various delicacies.
More and more English speakers are seen strolling on the streets of Chengdu. Tourists come from different parts of the world come here to explore the city and experience the local people's laid-back ways of life. Both foreigners living here and short-stay tourists can feel the vitality and vigor, as well as cultural uniqueness of the dynamic city.
As an ideal tourist destination, Chengdu always has a unique appeal to people from every corner of the globe, because of its ——
In January 2015, Chengdu was named one of the "52 Places to Go in 2015" by The New York Times, as one of the only two Chinese cities (the another one is Zhouzhuang) on the list. Before that, the city had won lots of tourism-themed titles, including the Excellent Tourist City in China, the Best Tourist City in China and one of the Happiest Cities in China. It had also been approved by the World Center of Excellence for Destinations (CED) as a member of the network, becoming the first city in Asia to win the title. Chengdu is the second Chinese city to host the 22nd United Nations World Tourism Organization General Assembly in 2017 after Beijing, which hosted the event in 2003.
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