Winter Treats: Hot Springs around Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


The land of Chengdu boasts numerous hot spring sites, where you can have a refreshing experience to enjoy the rejuvenating bathing and agreeable ambiance.
As winter deepens and the somber weather stays heavy in your mind, it is always a good idea to go for an outing in the outskirts of the city and take a bath in the hot springs. And here are our recommendations of some popular hot spring sites in Chengdu.
Located at the foot of the Xiling Snow Mountains, Huashuiwan is listed in the UN Habitat Scroll of Honor and has 21 hot springs, among which six are outdoors.
Address: 138 Wenquan South Street, Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County
Admission: RMB108/person; free admission for children below 1.2 meters; half-price for child 1.2 meters-1.4 meters in height
Self-drive: Chengdu ― Chengwenqiong Expressway ― Dashuang Road ― Wenquan South Street (about 95 kilometers, 1 hr and 40 min)
Yufu Hot Springs Hotel
Yufu Hot Springs Hotel has over 50 kinds of hot springs in a garden-like environment.
Address: 1 First Section of Wenquan Avenue, Wenjiang District
Admission: RMB116/person; free admission for children below 1.1 meters and discounts for children 1.1 meters-1.5 meters in height
Self-drive: Chengdu ― Guanghua Avenue ― Qishi Avenue (about 20 kilometers, 40 min)
Qingchengdao Hot Spring
Qingchengdao Hot Spring is close to Mount Qingcheng, a UNESCO world heritage site. It boasts an indoor pool, more than 40 outdoor pools and 4 VIP villas.
Address: 88 Mount Qingcheng Avenue, Dujiangyan City
Admission: RMB168/person; free admission for children below 1.3 meters; discounts for children 1.3 meters-1.5 meters
Self-drive: Chengdu ― Chengguan (Chengdu-Dujiangyan) Expressway ― Pengqing Road ― Dongruan Avenue (about 70 kilometers, 1 hr and 20 min)
Baoshan Hot Spring
Baoshan Hot Spring has a location by a river near the Longmen Mountain.
Address: Baoshan Village, Longmen Mountain Town, Pengzhou City
Admission: RMB128/person (ticket+snack); free for children below 1 meter; half-price for children 1 meter-1.2 meters
Self-drive: Chengdu ― Chengpeng (Chengdu - Pengzhou) Expressway ― Jianjiang Road ― Pengbai Road (About 80 kilometers, 1 hr and 40 min)

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