Places in Pictures: People’s Park in Summer

Authors: Go Chengdu


Located in the middle of downtown Chengdu, People’s Park is the city’s first garden-like historical park opened free to the public.
Standing at the eastern gate of the park is the Statue of Sichuan Soldier.
A winding path will lead you to a more secluded world, where you can enjoy the rare quietness that is not far from the crowds and noises outside of the park
Juyuan, or Garden of Chrysanthemums, is a cloistered complex with traditional architectural styles highlighting the themes of the chrysanthemum culture.
The Bonsai garden boasts over 200 bonsai pots featuring the traditional Chinese landscape and tree designs.
There is an artificial lake where people can go boating
A square in the west of the park, where a monument is erected, is dedicated to the memory of the patriotic deeds of Sichuan people during the Sichuan Road Protection Movement, which heralded the Revolution of 1911
The park is a showcase of the leisurely life of local people, who'd come here to dance, drink tea, play Chinese chess and so on
Outdoor tea houses in the park, with a long history, are the most famous ones in Chengdu, where people can enjoy tea and the picturesque scenery
Address: No.12, Shaocheng Rd, Qingyang District.
Front gate: Bus No.4, No.5, No.13, No.14, No.47, No.29, No.53, No.64, No.78, No.98.
Western gate: Bus No.93, No.94, No.53, No.98, No.29, No.340.
Eastern gate: No.4, No.30, No.57, No.98, No.43, No.81.
Metro: Line 2, People's Park station.
Admission: free, except in the periods when flower exhibitions are held
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