Tiantai Mountain

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Tiantai Mountain highlights the Danxia landforms and a number of waterfalls.
Tiantai Mountain
Tiantai Mountain (literally Sky Platform Mountain) is located in the southwest of Qionglai City, some 110km away from Chengdu and 45km from Qionglai.
Tiantai Mountain has an area of 192 sq.km, with its highest peak 1,812 meters above the sea level. Tiantai Mountain is characterized by a variety of the Danxia landforms and a number of waterfalls. The vegetation cover rate reaches 94.4% in the area and some rare species of plants and animals find their home there.

Transportation: direct bus services at Xinnanmen (New South Gate) Tourist Distribution Center and Chadianzi Bus Station in western Chengdu
Admission: 65 yuan

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