Shuijingfang Museum

Authors: Go Chengdu


Shuijingfang Museum is built at the site of the ancient distillery and liquor shops more than 600 hundred years ago.
The museum covers an area of about 12,300 square meters, showcasing liquor-related relics and the cultural heritage site.
It offers people the opportunity to know the time-honored history of the Chinese liquor production.
Visitors can have a better understanding of how the liquor was made hundreds of years ago.
The production including the ancient fermentation and distillation processes is still operational.
The museum now serves as one of the production bases of Shuijingfang liquor, which enjoys great popularity across China.
Admission: RMB40/person
Address: #19 Shuijing Street Jinjiang District
Bus: No. 10, 18, 43, 47, 104 at Zhiquanjie stop
Metro: Exit B of Dongmen Bridge Station of Line 2

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