Chengdu's Tangba Jie Listed in 'Coolest Neighbourhoods in The World'

Authors: Go Chengdu


Time Out has named Chengdu's Tangba Jie (Street) among the 50 "Coolest Neighbourhoods in The World".

Time Out magazine has included Tangba Jie in its list of the 50 coolest neighbourhoods in the world, ranking the 19th.

With the help of local Time Out editors and experts, the Time Out magazine reveals the 50 neighbourhoods tourists have to visit right now. Tangba Jie in Chengdu is on the list as the popular location's revival of its old and traditional buildings is cited as one of the reasons for it being a must-go spot for tourists.

Times Out says of the Tangba Jie and its surrounding side-streets "are a perfect representation of Chengdu's modern/traditional juxtaposition and the food-focused culture of leisure that has recently propelled the city into the spotlight."
See what the magazine says about the street:

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