Flower Dance World

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Flower Dance World in Xinjin County is an AAAA scenic spot for flower appreciation, entertainment and holiday tourism.
Flower Dance World
Flower Dance World in Xinjin County, about 30 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu, is an AAAA scenic spot for flower appreciation, entertainment and holiday tourism.
The vast area of the spot of over 200 hectares are planted with a large variety of blossoms including cherry, peach, pear, crab-apple, tulips, hyacinths, cyclamen, camellia, magnolia, acacia, lily, Bougainvillea, cineraria, jasmine, etc., to enable visitors to see flowers in all seasons since the florescence of the species varies in time of the year. Highlights for flower appreciation at the spot are the areas of “Four-Season Sights” — azaleas in spring, lotus flowers in summer, chrysanthemums in autumn and maple trees in winter.
Admission: RMB80
Open time: 8:30-17:30 (Nov-Feb), 8:30-18:00 (Mar-Oct)
Address: #1 lihuaxi, Xinpu Raod, Xinjin County
Self-drive: Chengdu-Middle Renmin Road-Chuangye Road-Chengyu Ring Express-Xinjin County

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