Daci Monastery

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Next to the Chengdu's busiest commercial street, Chunxi Road, Daci Monastery is a tranquil place in the city's bustling downtown areas.
Just a few steps away from the Chunxi Road and adjacent to the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, Daci Temple is a tranquil place in Chengdu's bustling downtown areas. Once the largest Buddhist monastery in Sichuan, the temple was first built in the Sui Dynasty (581-618) but it has been rebuilt many times. The current buildings were mainly constructed in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
The monastery was the site where Xuan Zang, an eminent monk in the Tang Dynasty (618—907), was ordained into monkhood and expounded Buddhism sutras for several years.
The video clip shows a modern and traditional Daci Monastery and is narrated by Mr. Yuan Tingdong, author of About Chengdu’s Old Streets and Alleys.
Address: 23 Dacisi Road, Jinjiang District
Opening: 08:00-17:30
Ticket price: RMB3/person
Traffic: Take bus No.4 & 58 to directly get there

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