Chunyang Temple

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The history of the temple in Xinjin is related to Lü Dongbin, one of legendary Eight Immortals in the Chinese folk culture.

Chunyang Temple
Chunyang Temple is in Xinjin County in southern Chengdu, surrounded by green trees and frequently visited by white cranes living in the neighborhood. The history of the temple is related to the legendary Lv Dongbin (Lv Chunyang), one of the Eight Immortals in the Chinese folklore.

Folk cultural activities

Grand Temple Fair Chengdu’s annual Grand Temple Fair is held every year during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) in Wuhou Shrine, Jinli, the Culture Park, and several other city parks. The 15-day-long festival showcases both traditional Sichuan folk art and modern fashions of the city.

May 20, 2014

Qingcheng Mountains

Qingcheng Mountains are an important Taoist site in China and a very popular summer resort for people in Chengdu for its ancient Taoist temples, agreeable climate and environment.

Nov 09, 2014

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