A 6-day Discovery of the Capital of Leisure

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Transit passengers from 53 countries, including the US, Canada and all members of the EU, can spend up to 144 hours in Chengdu without a visa. This visa-free policy allows visitors with visas and plane tickets to a third country to transit through Chengdu and enjoy a visa-free stay. The following is a suggested itinerary for a 6-day trip.
Day 4 Jinsha Site Museum, Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum & Jiuyan Bridge
The fourth day is all about famous museums and discovering the city. All three places are near the Wuhou Shrine and a taxi between them takes just minutes. You can visit the two museums any time of the day and go to Jiuyan Bridge to enjoy the beautiful night view of Chengdu.
You can see the shining symbol of the "golden sun bird" in every corner in Chengdu, a golden ring-shaped piece that shows four birds flying in a circle. The item basically serves as an official insignia for the city. The symbol celebrates the ancient Jinsha Site, famous for its gold relics from Shu society.
The Jinsha Site Museum was built to protect, study and display the archaeological findings of Jinsha, which were first discovered by archaeologists in February 2001. It contains a Relics Hall, Exhibition Hall, Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Ecological Garden.
The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu is a memorial place of the great poet. During his stay of nearly four years, he composed more than 240 poems reflecting upon the misery of the people. His poems exercise a deep and enduring influence on the development of Chinese literature and are regarded as some of the highest achievements of any Chinese poet.
Other famous attractions in the museum include the Tablet Pavilion, Fan'an Temple, three bamboo groves and a plum garden. The Tablet Pavilion, which was the original site of the old cottage, consists of nine rooms and bears a thatched roof.
After the museum tour, you can walk around Jiuyan Bridge to enjoy the beautiful night view of the city. The Jiuyan Bridge has a history of more than 400 years. Today its neighborhood has become a renowned nightlife area with many bars.
Day 5 Wide & Narrow Alleys, Sichuan opera
The fifth day recommendation for you is to integrate yourself into Chengdu lifestyle. A trip to Kuanzhai Ancient Street will offer you a great experience enjoying the ancient buildings and local cuisine of the city.
Tea houses and all kinds of local food can be found in Wide & Narrow Alleys. Meanwhile, special services such as ear cleaning are also ready for you to try.
At night, you are then going to see the magic of Sichuan opera in Jinjiang Theater. The Sichuan opera cultural show in Jinjiang Theatre is very famous and you'll be deeply impressed by the face-changing performers, thumping percussion and high-flying acrobats.
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