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A tour guide for visitors to the Panda Base in Chengdu.
Chengdu giant panda
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Panda Base) is the most famous research institution for the protection of the endangered giant pandas in the world and also one of the best places to see the lovely animals in short distance. Follow GoChengdu to find more of the Panda Base.
***The best place for seeing giant pandas
In China, travelers can see giant pandas in some zoos and parks. While Chengdu is known as "Hometown of Giant Pandas" and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is one of the largest panda bases in the world.
Chengdu panda base
The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Panda Base) is home to a large percentage of the world's pandas as it currently houses over 180 Giant Pandas and over 120 Red Pandas. It is honored as "the national treasure's natural paradise and the people's land of idyllic beauty" for its beautiful environment of overlapping mountains, clean water, lush trees, and chirping birds.
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
***When is the Best Time to Visit Giant Pandas?
Giant pandas don't hibernate. You can visit them in all seasons.
But if you visit the Panda Base during late summer or autumn, you will probably have the chance to see adorable panda babies. Giant pandas are usually born in summer (June to August mostly). Newborn pandas are tiny and pink.
baby panda in Chengdu
#NOTE: Pandas' most active time#
Many people who have visited a panda base or zoo say that the giant pandas are always sleeping, which is boring. Actually, the morning is the best time to visit Chengdu Panda base as the pandas are most active and there are less crowds.
giant panda in chengdu
In the Panda Base, the keepers will feed the giant pandas twice a day — in the morning and in the afternoon. During the feeding time, pandas will be very active — eating, crawling, climbing trees, playing with partners…It is recommended to arrive early in the morning around 08:00 to catch the best time to observe the pandas eating and playing outdoors. You will get the best photos of the pandas at this time.
Giant Pandas will take 2~4 hours' sleep in their cage after eating and they will definitely show you how to sleep — in all kinds of lovely posture. Though they are inactive, you can see their cuteness.
panda in chengdu
***Get around
Despite being a very large 165-acre facility, it is very easy to get around the Pand Base by foot. The Panda Base is well signed and you are able to pick up a map for free at the tourist service center.
Map of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
However, do note, it is around a 40-minute walk from the entrance of the park to the last panda enclosures where the pandas are released to play and eat in the mornings. If you are running late or just don't feel like walking the length of the park, there is a tourist bus which takes you from one end of the park to the other for only RMB10. However, there are often long lines for the buses.
Tips: Get a free map from the tourist service center when you first enter the park. While the park is well signed in English, a map really helps you to zip around the park fast and cover all the main attractions!
***Other panda bases around Chengdu
What's more, visitors can also visit giant pandas in and around Chengdu by visiting the well-organized panda bases — Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (short for Chengdu Panda Base), Dujiangyan Panda Base, Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base, and Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Base.
***More Information about Visiting the Panda Base
Address: 1375 Xiongmao Avenue, Chengdu
Hours: Daily 7:30am-6pm
Admission: RMB 58
Recommended Traffic: Take Chengdu Metro Line 3 to the Panda Avenue Stop then transfer Chengdu sightseeing bus (RMB 2) waitting at the Metro Exit to directly to the Panda Base.
Free Service:
The tourist service center, on the first floor of the Giant Panda Museum, provides visitors free services including microwave ovens, hot water, baby carriages, armchairs, walking sticks, umbrellas and sewing kits.
See More Information at: http://www.panda.org.cn
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