Wild giant panda spotted in Sichuan

Authors: Xinhuanet


A wild giant panda was spotted in Baoxing County, southwest China's Sichuan Province on Wednesday night, according to local forestry bureau.
The giant panda was found in a pigsty in Jianlian Village in the county but left Thursday morning.
(The panda stays in villager Li Guanglin's pigsty outside his house in Jianlian Village of Lingguan Township, Baoxing County, Feb. 5, 2020. Photo by Zhang Hua/Xinhua)
The giant panda, aged between four and five, is in good health, said Zheng Congjun, an official with the bureau.
Zheng speculated that the panda was looking for food in the village as recent heavy snow has covered the bamboo forest. The forestry bureau said they would keep an eye out for the panda in the mountains.
The county, known as the "hometown of giant pandas," has 181 wild giant pandas, according to the fourth national survey of giant pandas.

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