Hub enriched by Tianfu Culture to be world renowned

Authors: China Daily


Culture is the heart and soul of a city and Chengdu is promoting what it calls Tianfu Culture.
The 13th Chengdu Congress of the Chinese Communist Party held in 2017, first put forward the concept of Tianfu Culture, as a banner to advocate the city's charms. According to the latest Chengdu work report, the city will enhance the development of its culture.
On February 23, Chengdu officially released an action plan to become an important national creative and cultural center by 2022, with industries expected to contribute over 260 billion yuan ($41 billion) to overall GDP.
The city plans to invest about 1.1 trillion yuan in 437 key projects. Twenty will kick off this year with a total investment of 160 billion yuan.
The Tianfu Jincheng project, set to break ground this year, will rise in the central part of Chengdu. Covering an area of 13.6 square kilometers, it will encompass museums, libraries, art galleries, cinemas and sport centers.
"Building an important creative and cultural center is the city's path to innovative development," said Yang Jirui, president of the China Consumer Economics Society.
An example is Fanmate Museum, which was renovated from an abandoned steel pipe plant.
It provides space for musical performances as well as design, exhibitions and companies operating in the field of the arts, to help develop the city's creative economy, according to He Jun, deputy general manager of Sichuan Zhenghuo Media Co Ltd.
He welcomed the government's promise to guarantee the supply of land for the creative and cultural industry.
"Those policies backed the development of our company in the initial stages," he said.
"Construction of the second phase of the museum has also been approved, which gives us more confidence."
In addition, the company was given a subsidy to recruit personnel in the creative and cultural field.
(source:, March 12, 2018)

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