Harvard Students Experience Tianfu Culture and Chengduers’ Life

Authors: Jay Liu


On July 14, over 10 students from Harvard University joined in the first ‘A Glimpse of Chengdu’ program, organized by the Chengdu municipal talent office.
The event is part of Chengdu's great effort to enable more university students from both home and abroad to know more and better about the city, and then work and/or start their own businesses here.
Highlighting Chengdu's Tianfu culture and local people's spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, the program offers opportunities to the students to explore and experience the city's profound culture, brilliant civilization, rapid economic and social development, as well as its fast pace to go global.
At a workshop during their stay in the city, the students were given detailed information about the city's current economic and social growth, historical opportunities it is facing, and favorable policies and supports for startups and entrepreneurs. And senior officials from the talent office, on behalf of the city, welcomed the students to Chengdu to realize their career dreams. Harvard University's post-doctor Chen Guangwu, and student representatives Chloe Alyssa Briede and Sierra Aimee Tseng delivered keynote speeches and shared their personal impressions of Chengdu.

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