Gathering of Cultural Minds

Authors: Go Chengdu


The Second World Cultural Capitals Tianfu Symposium 2019 is to be convened on July 22-24 here in Chengdu.
Distinguished guests from around the world will share their views
on how to develop Chengdu's Tianfu Culture during the event.
World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium
Paul Owens
天府文化论坛 成都
Director of World Cities Culture Forum(WCCF)
Christina Hedin
天府文化论坛 成都
Ms. Christina Hedin works for the Swedish National Center for Artisan Food.
She has been involved in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network since 2015,
and was the chairman in the steering group for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Xth Annual Meeting in Östersund.
Sergio Laoto
天府文化论坛 成都
Since January 2019, Mr. Sergio Laoto has been the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the biggest Brazilian State, São Paulo.
From 2017 to 2018, he was Brazilian Minister of Culture.
John Howkins
天府文化论坛 成都
Mr. John Howkins is a global strategist and adviser on creative economies. He is the author of two best-selling books
The Creative Economy: How People Make Money From Ideas and Creative Ecologies.
He is a director of Howkins & Associates in London and Shanghai.
He was Chairman of BOP Consulting, Britain's leading advisory company on culture, creativity and innovation, 2008-2011,
and Chairman of Tornado Productions, Britain's first streaming video company, 2000-2005.
Robert Govers
天府文化论坛 成都
Mr. Robert Govers is an independent international adviser, scholar,
speaker and author on the reputation of cities, regions and countries
and is chairman of the International Place Branding Association.
He has also been an adjunct or visiting scholar at Tsinghua University, Beijing; the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad;
the University of Leuven, Belgium; Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands; Loughborough University London Campus;
IULM University Milano, Italy; and several institutes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
François Bédard
天府文化论坛 成都
A founding member and former secretary general of The World Centre of Excellence for Destinations
Donald Hyslop
天府文化论坛 成都
Mr. Donald Hyslop is an Urban Innovator at the forefront of developing culture, architecture, business districts,
food markets & museums in the regeneration, place making, economic and social development of cities and communities.
His practice shapes organisational and community strategic approaches based on partnership and active participation.
He is involved in and advises on culture and urban projects internationally.
Nicole van Dijk
天府文化论坛 成都
Ms. Nicole van Dijk is curator and leads the research and development programs of Museum Rotterdam.
She is responsible for participatory research and community projects.
Since 2017, Nicole is vice-chair of CAMOC, (The International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities, ICOM).
CAMOC is concerned with cities and urban living and works with museum professionals worldwide
to reinforce the city's identity and contribute to its development.
Adriano Nunes
天府文化论坛 成都
Mr. Adriano Nunes is the Creative Infrastructure Lead for Arts Melbourne.
The infrastructure team drives the delivery of the Melbourne Arts Infrastructure Framework that outlines future creative infrastructure needs for the City
and considers new ways of working to achieve more space for more creatives.
Kelvin Watt
天府文化论坛 成都
Managing Director of Nielsen Sports & Entertainment
Middle East & AFRICA & Asia Pacific
Marllena Pillati
天府文化论坛 成都
Deputy Mayor, Bologna, Italy
Jidi Majia
天府文化论坛 成都
Vice President of China Writers Association
Shan Jixiang
成都 天府文化论坛
Former Director and Curator of the Palace Museum
Li Fang
成都 天府文化论坛
Deputy Director, Department of Literature & Art, People's Daily
Deputy Editor-in-chief, People's Daily Overseas Edition

Tianfu New Area strikes balance between beauty, convenience

There is a long-held belief in China that luscious green mountains and crystal clear water will bring people more wealth.

Apr 29, 2019

You Have the Final Say on Dishes for Tianfu Family Banquet

Now, you are welcome to choose 16 from the 30 Sichuan dishes, which you think are not-to-miss foods in Chengdu.

May 14, 2019

CPAFF-themed Tianfutong Cards Issued

Chengdu Tianfutong Financial Services Co., Ltd on May 15 issued commemorative bus/metro cards for the ongoing Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival (CPAFF).

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Tianfu Greenway to Be More Colorful and Fashionable

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May 24, 2019

Sunflowers Blooming on Tianfu Avenue

The sunflowers along Tianfu Avenue, the north-south artery of the city, are in full bloom.

Jul 11, 2019

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