“Made in Chengdu” Attracts Global Attention

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VR glasses, 3D blood vessel bio-printer and dancing robot ... The 2016 China (Chengdu) Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair held on June 24-26 showcased lots of cutting-edge made-in-Chengdu products, which are all from latest hi-tech innovations made by local companies in the city.
Since the Venture Tianfu Program was launched in the city in 2015, Chengdu has been attracting increasing global attention with its outstanding achievements in such hi-tech industries as biomedicine and artificial intelligence in education.
3D Blood Vessel Bio-printer Making Production of Personalized Functional Organs Possible.
A vintage-like black printer can print out a 10cm-long blood vessel in 2 minutes via compact, exquisitely structured dual rotating nozzles.
The humble device is actually a 3D blood vessel bio-printer. "Different from traditional inkjet printers, this one uses living body cells as ink," said Professor Kang Yujian. He explained that the 3D bio-printing technology is based on the theory of embryonic development and an independently developed cloud computing platform, by which different organs are produced with the same cells in different confined space.
The 3D blood vessel bio-printer was unveiled in Oct. 2015, marking the maturity of the 3D personalized stem cell bio-printing technology.
You can fly in the space and dive in deep sea wearing a special helmet. Blessed with advantages of electronic information hardware and software, Chengdu has already had over 30 virtual reality companies, among which around 20 are located in the Hi-tech Zone.
Making full use of its strengths in computer graphics/simulation technology, multimedia technology, game development, video transmission, and processing technology, etc., Chengdu gives strong supports for the development of VR content products, including games, videos, images and apps.
In addition, depending on its advantages in chip design and manufacturing, 3D-display, sensing technology, and hardware OEM, etc., the city vigorously promotes the development of virtual devices and builds a complete VR industrial chain involving chips, display components, hardware devices and content production.
Siemens decided to set up its first digital factory outside Germany in Chengdu in 2013.
With highly digitalized design and production procedures, the Siemens Industry Automation Products Manufacturing and Development Base in Chengdu (SEWC) had realized its design capacity at the end of 2015.
The Chengdu industrial cloud platform can now offer services and more than 30 enterprise-oriented cloud applications to over 100 SMEs in the city.
A Made-in-Chengdu robot will take part in the National College Entrance Examination next year. It is actually an artificial intelligence system designed by a company in Chengdu.
The system incorporated with such cutting-edge technologies involving artificial intelligence, image recognition, machine learning, natural language processing and understanding, big data, and public cloud, etc.
In the near future, after accumulating enough data, the system will be able to offer personalized advice according to the students' data through evaluating line by line. Taking its advantages in computer graphics/simulation technology and multimedia technology, Chengdu will further promote the mass commercial application of artificial intelligence in the fields of intellectual products and industrial manufacturing, etc.

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