Chengdu, Major City in China

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The capital of Sichuan Province Chengdu has a long history as the gateway to the West and a key point along the ancient Silk Road.
Located at the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and Yangtze River Economic Belt, the city is reviving its ancient brilliance as it takes the role as a pioneering city in the Belt and Road Initiative.
Chengdu has a history of more than 3,000 years and was one of the richest cities in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the starting point of the South Silk Road. Now the city is a hot spot on the world map for its phenomenal economic growth, attractiveness to multinationals and co-operation and exchanges with foreign cities.
Currently, Chengdu is becoming an important aviation hub and over the recent years the city has opened 89 international direct-flight routes that reach San Francisco, Tokyo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Moscow and Seoul, etc.
One of the major rail routes between China and Europe — the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway Service, with a total length of 9826 km — began operation on April 23, 2013, linking Chengdu and Poland's Lodz. Last year, products made in Chengdu worth millions of dollars were exported to Europe via the express rail.
Chengdu is drawing attention from global investors and partners. The friendly exchange between the city and G20 countries can be traced back to over 30 years ago, when the City of Chengdu established a sister-city relationship with Montpelier of France in 1981. Since then, the city has established friendly ties with more and more foreign cities across the world, which brings the city to a closer connection with the outside world.
Many distinguished guests from foreign countries have visited Chengdu in recent years, including Vice President of the US Joe Biden, former British PM David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the US first lady Michelle Obama.
People are impressed by the giant pandas, the Three Kingdoms Culture and the diverse food in Chengdu, but the city has more to offer. It is noted for its attraction to business start-ups and creative minds, its large car producing capacity and the world-class electronic information industry base, and the pursuit of making itself an international shopping paradise.
A remarkable transformation is taking place in Chengdu on its way to be a national major city and an international city, and we are looking forward to seeing a brand-new city rising in the world.
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