Chengdu Makes Great Effort to be China’s 3rd Largest City of Retail Business

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu is making a great effort to become an international consumer city and the third largest city of the retail industry in China.
According to a report about Chengdu's development in its commercial property market in 2019, launched by JLL, a professional services firm which specializes in real estate and investment management, Chengdu is making a great effort to become an international consumer city and the third largest city of the retail industry in China.
The report shows that last year, 8 shopping malls and commercial blocks, occupying 764,000 square meters in total, got operational in the city, whose inventory of commercial retail properties hit 8.9 million square meters, ranking third in China, just behind Shanghai and Beijing.
Chengdu Retail Industry
The report, after in-depth analyses, came to a conclusion that Chengdu's dynamic and booming industries are key to talented people from other places who are willing to work, live and start their own businesses here, and in return will contribute to the continuous growth of the local consumer market. In one word, people are essential for consumption, and the influx of young people can inject great vitality into a city's consumer market.
For Chengdu, the boom of the first stores also plays a very positive role in building an international consumer city. A recent research report on the first stores in Chengdu in 2019, co-released by the Chengdu Retail Business Association and DataQuest China shows that 473 first stores of home and foreign brands established business presence in Chengdu in the past year.
Among the stores, the most eye-catching ones are from such international luxury brands as Roger Dubuis, Pomellato, Harry Winston and Acne Studios, as well as from some famous domestic brands, like Hawei's first global self-run concept store which focuses on four life scenarios titled Work, Play, Go and Home.
Chengdu Retail Industry

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