“This will be the First Full Marathon for Me to Participate in”

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There's more than a month before the 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon.
Chengdu Marathon
At 7:30 am on September 11, it was drizzling over Qinglong Lake in Chengdu. Several visually impaired runners were running on the greenway by the lake. Each of them, wearing an orange shirt, gripped a leading rope which was held by their escort runners. Though wet with sweat, none of them stopped and ran a full lap around the lake. For Mr. Dai, 46 years old, running every morning has become an indispensable part of his life.
Dai, who was diagnosed with glaucoma at 16 and soon afterwards lost his sight, started running in 2012 for health. He said he feels much better physically and mentally after running. "Thanks to my perseverance in running, I've lost much weight and now I'm in a better shape. I feel far more energetic and less sleepy."
Chengdu Marathon
Last year, Dai joined in "Running in the Dark", a national charity program for visually impaired runners in China. Now, he runs with the volunteers and runners involving in the program in park or playgrounds on local university campuses once every 10 days.
With the help of "Running in the Dark", Dai took part in the first running race in his life last year, the half marathon of the Chengdu Panda Marathon. "Organizers of the 'Running in the Dark' program really helped us a lot. They arranged at least four escort runners for each of us in a running race: one runs with us with a leading rope and guides us how to turn; one runs after us to provide appropriate services, including energy supplies and sufficient hydration; one or two run in front of all of us to clear the way for us; and one runs after all of us to keep others from joining our procession. With such support and protection, we can finish the race safely and soundly," said Dai. During his first marathon race, he did enjoy it and soon after he participated in a lot of marathon races in Sichuan Province, hoping to challenge his own limit.
There's more than a month before the 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon. Dai has been busy with his preparation for the event. Most of his marathon race results are pretty good. For example, he finished the half marathon within two and half hours during the Chengdu Panda Marathon, which is quite good even for healthy amateur runners. But he believes it is not his limit and has registered for the 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon, which is the first full marathon race for him to participate in. "I'm happy to have this opportunity to run my first full marathon here in Chengdu, my hometown. And I will try my best for it."
The above photos are from the official website of the 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon.

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