Recife (Brazil)

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Recife and Chengdu established a sister-city relationship on September 30, 2016.
The 5th largest city in Brazil, Recife is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is the capital of Pernambuco. The city covers an area of 2,768 square kilometers and has a population of 4.1 million.
Recife has a number of islands, rivers, waterways and bridges that crisscross the city, which gives it the moniker of the "Brazilian Venice." Recife is a prime business center in Brazil and a port city. It has risen as a popular tourist destination in recent years because of its climate, beaches, seafood and tropical fruits.
As a renowned historical and cultural city, Recife owns famous universities in the country, research institutes, museums, zoos and botanical gardens, and churches. The city consists of a port district on the peninsula, a central business district on the island, a residential district, a culture and education district and an industrial zone in the mainland.
Communications and Exchanges between Chengdu and Recife:
In July 1992, Sichuan and Pernambuco became sister provinces.
In April 2000, Chengdu and Recife signed a partnership agreement. Over the recent 10 years, the communication and partnership of the two cities have been strengthened, especially in the sectors of investment and trade, and footwear industry. The Brazilian Footwear Association sent delegations from shoe-making companies to attend Women's Shoes Expo China in Chengdu many times.
In May 2015, a delegation from Chengdu government paid a visit to Brazil and had talks with the government of Recife. The two parties reached a consensus on actively expanding cooperation in commerce and trade, science and technology, culture, education, tourism etc. The two cities have shown great interest in mutual cooperation involving artificial intelligence, especially robotics.
Chengdu has so far established the sister city relationship with 32 cities around the world.

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