Phoenix (USA)

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Sister City since March 13th, 1987
Phoenix is the capital of the southwestern state of Arizona, and the 9th largest city as well as one of the fastest growing cities in the US.

As the transportation hub in western part the US, Phoenix has busy airports and well-developed bus transportation. It has the most advanced and sophisticated industries, and is one of the centers of data processing, electronics research and electronics industry, and aviation industry in the US. Several multi-national companies such as Motorola, Garrett and GTE have established their headquarters in the city. Over 50% of the city’s population is engaged in high-tech industries.

Phoenix now enjoys a deserved reputation as “Valley of the Sun”, since it has more than 310 days of sunshine in a year. Tourism is a major economic sector in the city and the headquarters of Rarmada are situated in the city.

Exchange activities:

Educational exchange: Since 1982, over 100 young people have participated in the Young Enoys project involving regular and long-term exchange programs between Chengdu and Phoenix. Schools and colleges of both cities have established friendly relations, and inter-school exchanges are frequent.

Cultural exchange: The Phoenix Chinese Week is one of the city’s most important cultural events and has been held 22 times since 1981.

Charity projects: The Phoenix Municipal Government set up the Chengdu Earthquake Relief Fund for the reconstruction in earthquake-stricken areas of the Wenchuan earthquake, which happened on May 12, 2008. The city raised $167,000 for the reconstruction of the community kindergartens in Chongzhou City in western Chengdu.
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