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Sister City since December 3rd, 1999
The capital city of the autonomous region of Sicily, Palermo covers an area of 4, 992 sq. km and is home to 1.3 million people.

The pillar industries in Palermo include agriculture, tourism, metallurgy, construction, shipbuilding, textiles and food processing, of which tourism, agriculture, and food processing are well developed. Besides, the traditional handicraft industry and leather processing are quite famous in Italy.
Exchange activities:

In September 1993, Palermo officials visited Chengdu and participated in the Chengdu International Panda Festival 1993.

In 1994, a Sichuan Opera troupe from Chengdu staged shows in Palermo.

In April 1996, a Chengdu trade delegation arrived in Palermo to present a briefing on Chengdu’s investment climate. The two cities signed cooperation agreements on juice and yogurt production projects.

In September 1997, Deputy Mayor of Palermo and the City Council speaker led a 24-member delegation to participate in the Chengdu International Panda Festival.

In December 3, 1999, Mayor of Palermo and his delegation paid a visit to Chengdu and signed an agreement on the establishment of sister relationship between Chengdu and Palermo.

In March 2012, Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office sent a delegation to visit Palermo along with a CPAFFC delegation of Chinese sister cities.
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